Don’t Blame the Wind

a butterfly’s journey

Don’t blame the wind for it blows with no care.
Don’t blame the rocks for the flesh they would tear.
Don’t blame your wings for the strength they must find.
Don’t blame the sun for the eyes it does blind.
Don’t see the course as too long or too sheer.
Don’t see the drop as penance to fear.
Don’t see the ridge as the end of the road.
Don’t see the flowers as a jealousy to goad.
Look to the wind for the lift it provides.
Look to the rocks for the boundary to glide.
Look to your wings for the power they possess.
Look to the sun for the warmth it begets.
Do see the course for a path to reveal.
Do see the drop for motivating appeal.
Do see the ridge as a link in the chain.
Do see the flowers as friends on the way.
Some loops bring you forward
Some swerves set you back.
The journey’s rarely straight lines
We must be ready to tack.
So drink in the sun
Make the toil delight.
Keep beating your wings
And your life will take flight.

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