About Make It a Good Story

“Life is the story you tell yourself.”

In our complex world, it’s too easy to become overwhelmed, feel unappreciated, get stressed out, be full of fear of the unknown forces you are sure conspiring to get you. We can get wrapped up so tightly in the black hole of our mind, the light of the real world is lost. No light, no joy, no laughter, no sharing, no love, no peace.

And that’s a shame.

Not that I agree with her politics, but recent supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett said something I found quite thoughtful. She was in a cemetery contemplating adopting another child and thought to herself, “Well, if life is really hard, at least it’s short.”

Life can be hard. It can also be beautiful. But either way, it’s definately short.

I have chosen to fill my world with good stories. They’re not always happy, they’re not always ones I am in control of, they’re not even ones I chose to be part of, but I am always in control of the story I tell myself.

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