The New Abnormal

“Have we no sense decency, sir?” Twenty-five thousand troops to protect ourselves from ourselves during our “peaceful” transfer of power ceremony is so very sad. We can do better. We must do better.

I had an invigorating conversation with one of my most favorite people, Rabbi Dan Levin, senior rabbi at Temple Beth-El in Boca Raton. We discussed the polarization this country faces caused in large part by politicians and the media, along with the loss of community and personal interaction that COVID accelerated.

We discussed his idea of creating a Political Action Committee that demands decency. The Decency PAC could be funded by some thoughtful billionaires who want their resources to towards American society’s betterment. This would have to be nonpartisan and nondenominational. Perhaps the Koch Brothers, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg can partner together to support this project to have our politicians agree on some fundamental parameters of behavior.

Even a “life begins at conception” conservative and a “green new deal flag-waving” liberal will agree on 95% of what they believe to be a sense of fairness and decency.

To get the PAC’s support, politicians would have to agree to some wild things, like:

  • Tell the truth (silence is complicity)
  • Be fair
  • Be just

If politicians are found to violate these basic rules, they’ll lose their good standing and financial support from the PAC, which will then support other candidates that do.

I know this is oversimplistic and begs dozens of other questions, like “who’s truth,” “what does it mean to be just,” but I do think these are solvable hurdles for our powerful and thoughtful PAC.

OK. So, anyone know some thoughtful billionaires to start up the Decency PAC?

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